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Hico, Texas

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Carter Ranch Arabian herdAs a small-scale Arabian horse breeder in Texas, it is my goal to produce quality, not quantity.  I will always put the best interests of my horses first and foremost.  That is why all of my horses are raised in a herd setting in order to develop the social skills necessary to be well-rounded individuals in their adult life.  All of my horses are handled from the moment they hit the ground and learn appropriate ground manners right away.  They are all handled using the natural horsemanship principles taught by Pat and Linda Parelli in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program.  Using these techniques, we are able to preserve the dignity and playful spirit of the horse, while instilling in them respectfulness, confidence and desire to please and seek out human companionship.  

In choosing a stallion to breed my mares to, I look not only for "type", but take heavily into account the disposition of the stallion.  The stallions I breed to must be calm, gentle and approachable, as well as athletic and conformationally sound.  Arabian horses by nature are extremely intelligent creatures and, when handled appropriately in their training, are usually well-minded and solid horses.  I wish to dispel the myth that all Arabian horses are crazy and hard to manage, as it is just that---a myth.  My breeding program consists of mainly Polish and Russian Arabian bloodlines, making for a very substantial, athletic and versatile horse, ready for whatever discipline interests you.  We also have several Quarter Horses that we have acquired over the years with excellent cutting bloodlines and are offered for sale.  We have Sporthorse/Dressage, Endurance, Hunter/Jumper and Western Pleasure, Cow Working prospects for those with competitive aspirations.  For those that are looking for the perfect equine pleasure mount or family horse, all of our horses would be suitable for that situation and have excellent ground skills and are very gentle.  

Current Sales List - Mares




2008 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Filly.  Siofhice (Touch Of Ice x Siobhana).  She has lots of pazzaz and the signature flaxen mane and tail of her famous grandsire - multiple halter and western pleasure champion Fire An Ice. Flashy, beautiful, athletic and intelligent. Great movement, correct tail carriage, fantastic hock action! and that little something extra you look for in a show horse. Will excel in Sporthorse, Western Pleasure, Hunter, take your pick. Excellent Dressage or Endurance prospect. 

Fantastic pedigree on both sire and dam lines, includes *Druzba++, Czort, Negatiw, Negatraz, and multiple crosses to Witraz & *Bask++, excellent broodmare prospect. (See dam's bio below). 

Started since birth using Parelli natural horsemanship techniques. Friendly, playful and confident.  Leads, ties, stands for farrier, and trailer loads.  She was started under saddle September 2011 and has already gone on several trail rides and is being ridden at the walk, trot and canter. 

Price:  $7500

DVD available upon request.  Contact Lisa Carter at [email protected] or 254-485-6937.  Updated 1/1/12..  

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Siofhice - Purebred Arabian Mare     Siofhice - Purebred Arabian Mare

   Siofhice - Purebred Arabian Mare   

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Siobhana (*Bancock x Archona) is a lovely 24-year-old pure Polish Arabian broodmare.  She was 16 when I got her and has been a broodmare her entire life.  She has an enviable pedigree, filled with Halter, Endurance and English Pleasure champions such as Naseem, Ofir, Witraz, Wielki Szlem, Czort, *Bask++, *Druzba++, Negatiw and Negatraz to name a few. 

She is a RBI (right-brained introvert) and was never fully Parelli-ized via the 7 games, but I always used Parelli principles when handling her.  She is very sweet and a wonderful mother.  She has never been ridden and has foundered once before I got her through overfeeding during pregnancy.  However, she has not had any problems with either laminitis or founder in my care.  The ideal situation for her would be a companion home.  If you know of someone that has a lone horse that needs a friend, she would be the perfect companion or someone that just wanted to do play at groundwork with her. 

Updated 11/05/11.  

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Siobhana - Polish Arabian Broodmare

Siobhana with 2006 Arabian Colt Khanukatchmi

Siobhana with 2006 Arabian colt Khanukatchmi and pal Spirit

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Spirit (sire same as Regaleo Texas Twist above - no papers on dam) is an unregistered Quarter Horse, line-back dun gelding.  He is approx. 13.2 hands, but very heavily muscled and powerful for his size.  His cutting bloodlines are evident in his lightning quick speed and maneuverability.  He is very athletic, extremely sensitive and catty.  Would do well in any kind of cow work or amateur reining/cutting events.  Unfortunately, due to an old injury, he has sesamoiditis issues that periodically flare up.  He will never be able to be used competitively or do heavy cantering, however he has been holding up very well at the walk, trot, and light cantering 4-5 days a week and has been on several trail rides with no problems. 

Excellent ground manners, trailer loads nicely, stands for farrier, and ties well.  Currently training in Parelli Natural Horsemanship Advanced Level 3 Ground Skills and Level 1/2 Riding Skills.  Is typically LBE (left-brained extrovert) most of the time but has some introvert tendancies.  He was started under saddle late in life (2009/2010) by Chris Ruthven of C & C Colt Company, Whitesboro, Texas, and then was put on a 9-month pasture rest shortly after arriving home May 2010, so he's still pretty green and would do best with an experienced rider.   

Price:  $1500

DVD available upon request.  Contact Lisa Carter at [email protected] or 254-485-6937.  Updated 2/24/12. 

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Regaleo Texas Twist with sibling, Spirit, at C and C Colt Company



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Regaleo Texas Twist, "Tex", (Regal Manana Glo x Sheleobritriptwist) is an excellent working ranch horse, feed lot, and cow horse prospect, or good trail horse.  Possibly even Western Pleasure or Dressage prospect.  Has that wonderful slow easy to ride Quarter Horse job and great extension at the forward trot.  Excellent cow pedigree, Leo and King breeding.  14.3 hands, stout and well muscled in the HQ and shoulder.  Was in training with Chris Ruthven at C & C Colt Company, Whitesboro, Texas, from February-May 2009.  Currently being ridden 3 days a week (walk, trot and canter) with Dale Kahl of Hico, Texas.  Chris and Dale are available to answer questions about Tex and his suitability for any particular discipline. 

Excellent ground manners, trailer loads nicely, stands for farrier, and ties well.  Currently training in Parelli Natural Horsemanship Advanced Level 3 Ground Skills/Level 2 Riding Skills.  Is a very typical LBI (left-brained introvert) most of the time, but can be RBI (right-brained introvert) under saddle. 

Texas desperately wants a job and loves the water and visiting new places.  He does best when he's working and knows what's expected of him.  Needs an experienced, confident rider that can put lots of consistent time on him under saddle.  He's had approximately 200-250 hours riding under saddle since he was started the summer of 2004. 

Updated 2/24/12. 

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   Regaleo Texas Twist in the Texas bluebonnets

Regaleo Texas Twist with sibling, Spirit, at C and C Colt Company

Download swimming at Lake Weatherford video

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